The K-Active Association

The K-Active Association is an interest group of trained and internationally acting medical doctors and therapists. It pursues the objective of continuous quality assurance, encouragement and research as well as an international expertise exchange for the method of K-Active Taping.

Basic Course at the Tunisian
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Due to the international exchange of know-how and the close collaboration of specialists the knowledge is bundled and innovative therapeutic approaches are created. This dynamic enhancement on international level enables to develop and improve the therapeutic results in K-Active Taping. Furthermore, new findings are immediately transmitted to our producer of medical products, Nitto Denko in Japan. This contributes to the improvement of the K-Active quality products.

In 2010, more than 8,000 till 9,000 therapists have been trained in K-Active Taping worldwide. This leads to approx. 3.2 Million therapies including K-Active Taping as additional measure and thus it contributes to a clear improvement of the patient’s problems. The medical staff is still trained in K-Active Taping by continuously optimized courses worldwide to make their therapy even more effective.


Association K-Active Tunisia

Association K-Active Tunisia (‘AKAT’)

In 2016, the union ‘Association K-Active Tunisia’, shortly ‘AKAT’, has been founded in Tunisia under the leadership of K-Active Instructor Brahim Boubaker. The aim was to provide the medical staff in Tunisia with the knowledge around K-Active Taping even easier. Different courses and workshops about different topics have been offered and even a symposium took place in Hammamet.
The next symposium is already planned for July 2017.


Benefits of a membership:

  • Development of therapy and method with innovative approaches
  • Exchange of information and knowledge between the medical staff
  • Information about specific activities and events
  • Access to the exclusive online forum of the K-Active Association
  • Special prices for selected courses, congresses and symposia
  • Participation in committees and working groups