INDIBA® activ CT9


Proven application areas

  • Traumata: Kontusion, Distorsion, rupture of muscle fibre degree I-II, fractures, scar tissue

  • Sports physiotherapy: detonization, functional warm-up, prevention, faster regeneration, every kind of direct and indirect traumata

  • Overuse traumata: Bursitis, Capsulitis, Tendinitis in acute, subacute and chronical phase

  • Rheumatoidal area: Low-back pain, Arthritis, degenerative osteoarthritis, cervicalgy, chondromalazy

  • Derm. Traumata (physio aesthetics): disturbance suppression of scar tissue, cellulitis, tissue drainage, primary metabolism activation




  • For application at acute, subacute and chronical traumata
  • For subglobal (upper or lower extremity) and local treatment and diagnosis
  • Between 5 and 30 minutes of treatment, according to the area to treat



Technical characteristics

  • Output frequency: 448 kHz
  • Max. Output frequency in RES mode: 200 W
  • Max. Output frequency in CAP mode: 450 VA
  • Aplitude modulation: 20 kHz
  • Heating for neutral electrode: integrated
  • Preset records: Yes
  • Individual records: Yes
  •  Monitoring software: Yes