The international top-sport trusts in INDIBA® active Cell Therapy on treatment of musle-, bands- and tendon injuries as well as in rehabilitation!


Very good to combine with the K-Active Tapes and the Vitality Line!





INDIBA activ

Activ Cell Therapy


Maximum safety, by a unique and patented technology

The INDIBA® active Cell Therapy stimulates the natural healing processes and mechanisms for tissue recovering in a nonsurgical way. Therefore a high frequent current (Frequency 448 kHz) is applied via special electrodes in a capacitive and resistive mode. A pain relief is long-lasting and effective and starts at athermal and thermic operation. INDIBA active is based on a patented and save technology, which integrates manual therapy techniques and achieves a triple effect during rehabilitation:


  1. A faster recovery
  2. A higher fibrinolytic effect and
  3. An increase of endogenous inflammation management


Due to the Proionic System INDIBA® active causes an activation of the cell metabolism, leads back the disturbed cell membrane potential in a natural balance and causes a significant improvement of cell supply with vital components. The mode of action has analgetic, anti-inflammatory and fibrinolytic properties.



  • Fast pain relief
  • Improvement in the mobility
  • Tissue regeneration
  • Speedup of healing processes