- Dimensions: 42,5 cm/54 cm (H/L)

- weight: 3,6 kg

- Maximum load: 120 kg

The HighRoller

The innovation in the field of foam and (Black)Roll


Take advantage of the possibility to work on different body structures with this new Foam Roller, but to need significantly less muscle tension in the body, which can otherwise reduce the therapy success. By means of a movable roller on a stand, it is now possible to focus more on the relaxed movement. For example, the calf muscles can be optimally worked in supine position without putting the rest of the body under tension. The supports, which consist of aluminium and fibreglass-reinforced plastic, can be removed on one or both sides. With the one-sided removal, an inclined plane can be created in order to optimally roll out the Tractus ilio-tibilas, for example. The removal of both supports allows optimal therapy of the back with the roller.


Place the corresponding body area or the muscles to be treated on the HighRoller and move it according to your therapeutic goals. Exert pressure on the muscle during this movement. Nevertheless, try to relax the muscle to be treated as much as possible while rolling.


6 important points for your therapy success


  1. Quiet and slow movements: The HighRoller turns itself very fast on its own axis and therefore it is important that you do the movements slowly and quietly. Please do not sit on the HighRoller when the legs are in their highest position.
  2.  Always exert pressure in the direction of the ground: Please make sure that the pressure exerted is always in the vertical direction of the floor and not horizontally. Horizontal pressure can overturn the roller.
  3. Relax the muscle to be treated: When you tense the muscle you are about to treat, the effectiveness of the HighRoller is reduced. Relax your body and find a comfortable position.
  4. Don't forget to breathe: Slow and deep breathing through the vegetative nervous system reduces muscle tension and your muscles can relax better. Breathing and rolling remove more waste products and supply more oxygen and nutrients.
  5. Rolling improves blood circulation: The rolling process shifts fluids between the cells and these and other metabolic waste products are increasingly absorbed into the venous and lymphatic system. Accordingly, fresh blood can be made available to the structures via the arterial system, which can consequently lead to an increase in performance or better regeneration.
  6. Always test in training mode: The foam roll should always be tested in the training in order to ensure the positive effect also in the competition area.


Before the athletic load, short stimuli can be used with the HighRoller to optimally prepare your own body structures. After exposure, there should be a time interval between exposure and rolling, or liquids and nutrients should already have been supplied in order to achieve the positive effects in the regeneration area.