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To explain pain

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Pain and especially chronical pain is a great problem in our society and many patients, but also therapists, become despair. In the last decades, a great paradigm change has performed. The results of the modern research in this sector point strongly into one direction:
1.  Enable the patient via suitable communicated information to deal better with the pain.
2. Put the pain across.
3. Support the patient to identify changes in behavior and to reverse them.

The module „To explain pain“ puts the therapist into the situation to advice patients regarding their (pain) problems. Once more, the part as coach is highlighted. The difference between essential pain and chronical pain will be presented. The clear, easy explaining of pain in an one-to-one situation will be taught and practiced. Various materials can be used by the participants after the course to disburden the work with patients.
A module, which will lasting change the therapist’s method of operation.



  • Pain: historical overview
  • Current results of pain research
  • Development of pain and processing
  • Difference between biomedical pain model and biopsychosocial model
  • Use of evaluation sheets
  • Explaining strategies
  • Körper GmbH
  • Dysfunction barrel
  • Use of patient handouts and course material in a one-to-one situation



The participant will be put into the situation to understand pain and to explain them to the patient.


Target group:


Course duration:
1 Day 


Dennis Kraus, physiotherapist, alternative practitioner and team


Course fee:
150.00 € (10 lessons) incl. Handout and access to the online platform for repetition of all course contents.