- Colors: black, white, green, pink
- Sizes: 36-39, 39-42, 42-45, 45-48, 48-51

RehabMedic compression socks


Newly developed compression stockings currently underestimate many runners have the value and benefits of perfect compression stockings! We have the matching sock: based on the principle of compression and at the same time supporting the longitudinal arch this patented stockings have been developed. Elastic, lightweight, durable, slip-resistant and breathable.


Product info

  • Anatomically shaped - high performance:
  • Comfortable fit
  • Optimal compression effect
  • Support arch


Mode of action

Tightly-fitting, elastic material from toes to knee achieves a compression to achieve an improved blood circulation and improving oxygen supply to the muscles and other body structures due to the increased tissue pressure. The special thing about this development is that the longitudinal arch in position are simultaneously held by certain reinforced structures in the stockings, but, what can of course increase performance significantly and at the same time the fatigue reduced. In addition to the performance these socks used very gladly in the regeneration phase, in order to replace the next positive stimulus faster. In addition, these stockings at work also can be worn to reduce fatigue and prevent such as varicose veins. A must-have for any runner, but also for any therapist.


Tip: Also suitable for the therapist who's standing in his practice for 8 hours a day!