- das B-E-St-Gerät
- 1 Adapter
- 1 Paar Handschuhe
- 1 Krokodil-Clip-Set
- 1 Kabel-Set, bestehend aus 4 Kabeln
- 4 klebende Elektroden
- Einführung
- Benutzerhandbücher

FSM - Frequency Specific Micro current


Many processes in the human body run with micro currents. Therefore many medicals and therapists have researched in this area during the last 100 years to find new possibilities to support the human body in the field of fitness, performance increase, regeneration or health, but also to support the healing process for injuries, after operations or diseases.


  Possible effects in the human body:

  • Increase of the ATP production (Cheng at al 1982)
  • Change of the membrane protein synthesis (Cheng at al 1982)
  • Reduction of the number of cytokine (McMakin 2004)
  • Increase of the number of endorphins (McMakin 2004)
  • Information transport via the human semiconductor system (Albert Szent-Györgyi (1941/1988))
  • Frequency specific effects on “conditions”
  • Frequency specific effects on structures
  • Influence on occurrence of scars


Higher Adenosintriphosphat Production

Adenosin triphosphat (ATP) is a molecule whose function is similar to that one of a battery. In the mitochondria of every cell three phosphates are combined with a rest of adenine and the sugar ribose to a molecule. By combining these three phosphates energy is stored as in a battery which can be provided for many vital processes by separating a phosphate with water.



By flushing the mitochondria with micro currents a 300 to 500 fold increase of the ATP production is reached - after special studies. You can imagine that this production is reduced for example in diseases and – similar to a low car battery – a starter cable is needed to support the system for a specified period with additional energy. It is possible that the system is running itself by single usage of the starter cable; there is also the situation that this process has to be repeated so that the body’s regulatory mechanism can function on their own.




Since the increase only occurs during the current flow the frequency specific micro currents should be applied long enough. As a further information after switching off the micro current, lines in the display of the FSM device show how the body has reacted on the treatment. So you can see the body’s reaction on the treatment and draw further conclusions for the following therapies.


Changing the membrane protein synthesis

Direct current from 50 to 1000yA increases the glycine (amino acids) transport up to 75 %.

Currents of 500 yA increase the absorption of 2 amino – 2 methyl propionic acid (amino acid) up to 90 %. Currents over 1000 yA reduce the protein synthesis by 50 %.


Reduction of cytokines

Cytokines are inflammatory mediators which occur in specific situations in the body. With her studies micro current specialist Carolyn McMakin shows that these (Interleukins 1, 6, 8, TNF -alpha, CGRP) are reduced under influence of micro currents that would otherwise only be possible with strong medicine. So the inflammatory process and healing is normalized with a specific pain reduction which would support this ignition circulation otherwise.


Increase of endorphins

Endorphins are endogenous opioid peptides which are produced in the hypophysis and in the hypothalamus and are responsible for the pain relief. Endorphins regulate feelings such as pain and hunger. They are in conjunction with the production of sex hormones and are also responsible for the formation of euphoria. The endorphin system is activated for example in emergencies. Carolyn McMakin could prove an increase of the endorphin production during the treatment with micro currents which explains the occurring euphoria. This effect decreases shortly after the treatment.


Information transport via the human semiconductor system

Albert Szent-Györgyi (1941/1988) has found out that water molecules which pervade membranes of a cell, proteins and collages form such a grid matrix and separate electrons. Furthermore they create “holes” which enable the current to flow through the body immediately as in a semiconductor.
In this water protein semiconductor matrix energy and information can be transmitted faster through the specific “holes” as when they are stored in chemical connections in slowly diffusing molecules (i.e. ATP or hormons). Furthermore the semiconductor matrix can transmit information much faster than nerve impulses. Its importance in a “working body” we can only imagine.


Frequency specific effects on “conditions” and on body structures

Does a structure begin to vibrate these vibrations can be transferred also on distant appropriate structures (= “resonance phenome”).

Also music can touch us and make us sad or other compositions can motivate people and improve the mood. Specific frequencies create a resonance in us which can cause emotions in us.


Experiences and researches have shown that specific frequencies can influence “conditions” and structures in the human body. Meanwhile, we know that the condition “inflammation” reacts positive on the frequency 40 Hz and the peripheral nerves respond well at 396 Hz.

As a metaphor you can imagine a parking place full of cars. You press on your radio key and only the own car is opening. All the others stay closed.


This comparison you can transfer to the human body. The therapeutically art now is to find out what is the condition of the patient and which structures are the triggering elements. A possible combination during pain could look like this: an inflammation as a condition and the nerve as the equivalent body structure. Before solving the “seeming problem” you should think about the reason of this pain. In case of an injury you use the program “Trauma Reset” to delete specific information in the body. Does the emotion “fear” cause tensions and similar reactions in the body the “emotional frequency” may help to reduce fundamental negative vibrations in the body or to eliminate them. Is the condition caused by an operation you should imagine the following: the doctor first severs the skin, specific fascia coats and joint capsules, before he makes operations on bones, tendons, menisci etc. In this case it is important to know which structures are concerned and which frequencies are required to support the body in its self-healing process.






Influence on the scar production

Creating a scar after a skin injury is a miracle of nature. Without this function many injuries would lead to death. Today it is possible to support the body in process of generating an optimal scar.   This aim can be reached with various possibilities because an old scar is a cosmetic, mechanic, energetic and also lymphatic problem. To support and to shorten the healing process of the scar with micro currents you have to use specific frequencies. If new or old scars are badly healed after six weeks you can use a special frequency which breaks up the so called non physsiologival crosslinks in the area of the scar tissue and makes the tissue flexible. Therefore the phenomenon of the resonance catastrophe is used.



Microcurrent therapy with the microcurrents by B-E-St by JeeCee


Besides the use of adhesive electrodes, B-E-St offers also manual electrodes and gloves to make the therapy more effective. Four power outputs on the device make this possible. The advantage of the different application possibilities is, that the adhesive electrodes can have influence on bigger ares; manual electrodes and gloves are responsive to specific body structures.



Manual electrodes
At the beginning of the application with the manual electrodes you can clearly feel the different tensions in the structures. As soon as you choose the correct frequency, you can feel the change and tension reduction in the various tissues after only short time. 



The gloves are perfectly suitable to combine the microcurrent with, for example, the manual therapy. Furthermore, massages and lymphatic drainage applications are possible; and also a trigger point can targeted be treated: it loses its increased tension “under your hands” after a short time.

Note: Wether if you work with manual electrodes or with gloves: Continue with the therapy as long as the tissue “melts” under the electrodes, according to microcurrent expert Carolyn McMakin.



Crocodile clips
With the crocodile clips, the frequency-specific microcurrent can be led into the body via acupuncture or dry needeling needles in order to reach a synergy of acupuncture and FSM.



Movements of the body
Physical movements can also be a part of the microcurrent therapy: Due to the changes of the body positions, the current searches for additional flooding ways and thus it can have a positive influence on pain and body feeling.



The display of the device offers a good feedback about the body situation on the beginning as well as during the treatment. It is possible for therapists, but also for patients and athletes, to see the condition of the body before, during and after treatment. This is often a personal concern of patients because they usually don’t feel the microcurrent.

The display shows a neutral line. The aim of the treatment should be that the waves go to its direction.

  • The “plus area” represents the chronical situation (degeneration, less blood flow and energy, cold).
  • The “minus area” represents the acute situation (much liquid/blood/lymph, warmth, inflammations).



After switching off the microcurrent, the measured data are continued detected. The amplitudes show if the therapy already reached a solid success or if the waves drift in direction of acute or chronical situation.





Further literature is also available at K-Active:

  • "Frequenzspezifischer Mikrostrom in der Schmerztherapie" von Carolyn McMakin (available in German and English)

    • The resonance therapy with frequency specific micro current is based on a new treatment paradigm that offers new treatment possibilities in pain management
  • "The resonance effect" von Carolyn McMakin (available in English)

    • The Resonance Effect is both the author's story of her inspirational journey of having the courage to find her true calling and an account of the development of a remarkable newly rediscovered treatment.


Some experts are committed to this method of treatment. A doubtless scientific verification of the effectivity does not exist.