There are 5 different levels of resistance:

- leicht/orange
- medium/green
- strong/blue
- extra strong/yellow
- super strong/black


The first mobile underwater gym machine!

As the first mobile underwater gym machine, Aquawallgym™ is portable and easily adjustable (it takes less than 1 minute to fix to the side of the pool). You can apply it to any type of outdoor or indoor pool which has a water level of more than 1 m. It is extremely light and portable weighing only 3 kg!

Located on the main pole of Aquawallgym™, you will find 4 crossbars at different depths. Each of the poles allows you to connect elastic tubes at either different length or strength. These tubes have been developed specially to use in water, thus they bear resistance against chloride and UV rays unlike like the average fitness tube.

Based on the flexibility and support of the elastic tubes and the properties of water, Aquawallgym™, allows free movement without any loading on the joints. Thanks to the variability of the machine it can be used for a wide variety of exercises. The objective is to utilise a wide range of muscles during each exercise.

    Each colour has an additional 3 levels of strength based on the 3 different length sizes (S, M, L).

    The Aquwallgym™ belt is an indispensable tool for the Aquawallgym™ work out. According to the fitness level and the depth of water it is possible to choose either the fitness belt or the sport belt. In order gain high variability for each exercise, Aquawallgym™ has developed both Hand and Foot accessories;
    Hand attachments are utilized via grip or the wristband.
    Foot attachments are offered via the ankle-band or the Aquawallgym foot sandal.

    Based on its natural three-dimension movements, Aquawallgym™ Training System satisfies everyone’s needs. Use it alone or in group trainings, regardless of age, sex, or physical condition, anyone can use Aquawallgym™.

    Aquawallgym™ Training System can be applied on a wide scale within the fields of fitness, sport and rehabilitation. The training program can be varied between four different types of techniques depending on the depth of water and on the objective of the exercise.


    The advantages of training with Aquawallgym™

    • a portable gym in your pool
    • men, women and children can all use it regardless of their fitness level
    • offers a fun work out without loading on the joints
    • a wide scale of applications
    • based on its flexibility of usage, the exercise cans help develop more muscles and muscle groups than the average aquafitness exercises
    • the core muscles are developed throughout all exercises
    • develops strength, endurance and coordination all at the same time
    • offers a high intensity work out, ensuring attainment of fitness goals quicker
    • optimizes well-being and fitness levels as well as recharging the body