K-Active® Academy

K-Active® Academy

“How to use the potential of “micro current” completely!”

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Special weekend “micro current”
Learn how to uncover dormant potential and to create future!

Day 1

  • Logic of pain and functionality of the body
    Basics of biocinematics, effectiveness and application of micro current, cell-physiology connections and the influence of nutrition

  • Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM)
    Theory and methods for analysis, practical implementation of TCM and micro current

  • Application possiblities
    Applications according to a possible cause, combination application according to disorder area and TCM

Day 2

  • Grapping techniques of biocinematic
    Individual grapping techniques according to disorder areas, grapping techniques in combination with micro current

  • Movement patterns of biocinematic
    Basics of movment pattenrs, movement tests and training setting according to disorder area

  • Treatment process
    Commercialication, pricing and processes, communication and marketing, analysis and mobility tests, application and therapy

  • 2 days of knowledge and expertise

  • Practical work and exercises

  • Moderated exchange of experiences

  • Work and education documentation

  • Beverages and snacks

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Further courses with

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      Topic, Date                                                  Content

Mikrostrom Expert

  • Logic of pain

  • the body as one unit

  • holistic anamnesis & treatment regarding causes

  • maximum success with microcurrent

Mikrostrom Master I

  • Biocinematic

  • Therapy and pressure point techniques according to Dr. Packi

  • Individual movement patterns regarding disease patterns

  • Setting of a training program

Mikrostrom Master II

  • Basics of Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM)

  • Meridian and acupuncture treatment

  • individual practical work according to disease pattern in a sustainable total process

  • Setting of a training program


  • Pain vs. metabolism
  • cell-physiological connections

  • Acid-base balance
  • Basics of nutrition as addition to a microcurrent treatment


  • Confidence in communication
  • active speech
  • Recommendation of self-pay benefits and additional products
  • Further recommendations