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Hip for K-Active® Recovery 2.0
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Hip for K-Active® Recovery 2.0

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  • Hip supplement for the K-Active ® Recovery Boots 2.0
  • Supports regeneration in the entire torso area
  • Automatically adapts to your body
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Hip for K-Active® Recovery 2.0 Calm your torso! You are already using the... more

Hip for K-Active® Recovery 2.0

Calm your torso!

You are already using the K-Active® Recovery Boots and have noticed that your hip area also needs more attention?

With the K-Active Recovery hip section we now provide the right solution. The additional part can be easily connected to the control unit of the Recovery Boots. This way, you can offer your entire lower body the best possible regeneration possibility.
The Recovery Add-on provides full coverage of the thighs, hamstrings, IT bands, glutes, adductors, abductors, obliques, and lower back.

Product details:

  • Single waist size: 44.5cm
  • Length: 57cm
  • Width of the trouser legs: 28.5cm each
  • The size automatically adjusts to the body and guarantees a perfect fit.
  • The K-Active® Recovery control unit is not included.
  • Note: The "Hip" is currently only available in size "Small"!

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Width: 30
Height: 10
Lenght: 40