Support at Zugspitz Ultratrail in Grainau


In the middle of June, the trailrunning scene met at the bottom of the Zugspitze to surround Germany’s highest mountain. Meanwhile for seven years, hundreds of participants are coming from all continents of the world to Grainau in Upper Bavaria to face up to the various challenges:

Basetrail: 24.9 kilometres and 1,595 metres altitude
Basetrail XL: 39.3 kilometres and 1,896 metres altitude
Supertrail: 62.8 kilometres and 2,923 metres altitude
Supertrail XL: 81.4 kilometres and 4,131 metres altitude
Ultratrail: 100 kilometres and 5.412 metres altitude

Besides many known faces, new participants try to conquer the Ultratrail every year.
The team of Outdoor-Physio was again in demand. One day before the start, many participants wanted to get a treatment against present pain. The preparations for an Ultratrail takes a consequent training for month. Due to this, various problems can occur, such as the well-known runner knee, problems with the Achilles tendon as well as pain and muscular hardenings of legs and spine.
Additional to the all-round treatment techniques of physiotherapy, the products of the K-Active Vitality Line have been used to promote the best possible regeneration shortly before the run. The very comfortable and well-tolerated products have been very popular at sportsmen and therapists.
For the competition, the K-Active Tape proved to be a supporting and natural pain reliever. Actually, there were participants who didn’t know this elastic tape! But they have been sold on the immediate effect after application and couldn’t believe that the pain is reduced and the range of motion is recovered.

Many thanks to K-Active for the support!