BellaBambi® by K-Active®

Experience the new and innovative form of negative pressure therapy, better known as “cupping”.
Due to the negative pressure, the cups made of silicone enable effective fascial training, immediately and visibly promote increased blood circulation and thus support the well-being of patients and athletes.
Subsequently given ointment products, such as First Aid or Relax Cream, are even better absorbed and contribute accordingly to an increase in performance or better regeneration after work or sport.
Test this pleasant feeling in therapy or take your “therapist home” with you!

Also excellent for use in cosmetics!

When using the BellaBambi®’s a light peeling of the skin is carried out at the same time, whereby the cups also find their place in cosmetics. Here, too, the subsequent absorption of active ingredients from various cosmetics is even more effective.

Fields of application

The innovative negative pressure with these cups offers various and effective use in the field of sports, wellness and beauty. The different intensities of the different products enable every user to work comfortably and effectively in different body regions.

Effective support for

  • Massage

  • Fascia therapy

  • Scar treatment

  • Cellulite Treatment

  • Peeling and skin care

  • Relaxation

  • Skin-Activation

  • The skin-friendly material is unbreakable, relatively odourless due to the high-quality material and suitable for thorough cleaning in the dishwasher.

    Highest Quality and safety – Made in Germany!

The functional principle

Take advantage of these various possibilities for your patients in the clinic or for effective complementary self-therapy at home or during sports. Simply squeeze together, place on the skin and let go. This is the functional principle of BellaBambi®. Ingeniously simple, simply ingenious. Thanks to its non-slip surface, BellaBambi® always lies perfectly in the hand.

                                           Effect of the suction wave                                                               Mechanical effect on the skin


The intensity “Sensitive” is the softest material of the BellaBambi®. It nestles particularly well to the skin and is the gentlest type of vacuum massage. It is suitable for gentle entry and is recommended for children, sensitive or elderly people.

Therefore, two typical application areas are given: (I) beauty treatments and (II) the gentle introduction into the fascial training. Cosmetic applications in the face, for example soft-peeling for scars or at the whole body (keyword: cellulite) are possible. Sticking and felted fascia are often causing uncomfortable touches. Because of this, BellaBambi® Sensitive is the perfect introduction.

Due to the promoted circulation and metabolism, the BellaBambi® Sensitive is also suitable for “skin activation” that optimizes the absorption of cosmetics.

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The BellaBambi® “Vitality” is proper for many different applications, for example for the regeneration of muscle soreness or for a partner massage.

The BellaBambi® Vitality is especially proved for exercises in fascial training. The medium rate of intensity promises success for many types of skin and connective tissue. Also beauty applications, like skin tightening at belly and thighs, are a great strength of BellaBambi® Vitality.

Not least it is a valuable companion at sports: before sports for an increased circulation, especially, if extreme loads come up to single muscle groups or a deficit of elasticity and tension force is known. After activity, soft and gentle regeneration impulses can be set.

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The BellaBambi® “Intense” is suited for a strong application, for example at the back or at arms and legs of sportsmen. It develops highest suction effect on skin and thus it is a nice possibility to intense the stimuli of BellaBambi® Vitality.

Especially at exercises for fascial training, the BellaBambi® Intense is proved, for example as the last step of a multi-level fascial training. People with robust skin and trained muscles will feel the strong shear effect as comfortable and effective, also when using the the BellaBambi® Intense as direct introduction. Before sports the blood circulation can be improved, especially if extreme loads come up to single muscle groups or at a deficit of elasticity and tension force is known. After activity, first regeneration impulses can be set immediately.

Furthermore, BellaBambi® Intense is gladly and successfully used for fascial exercises at the sole of foot. The the most pronounced part of the fascial network is jointly responsible for an upright posture and an effective sense of balance. BellaBambi® helps at sensitization and dynamic sampling of mechanoreceptors in the sole of foot.

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Multi Set

BellaBambi® multi enables fascial applications with adjustable depression on the whole body. This allows an individual adjustment of the suction intensity to keep the effect always noticeable.

The non-slip surface of BellaBambi® ensures a very good handling, even in connection with skin care products. BellaBambi® multi is suitable for the professional use as well as for the application at home for beauty, wellness and sports.

BellaBambi® creates a depression on the skin which lifts the fascia layer. The additionally created space facilitates the movement of the fascia and creates noticeable more softness. Unterneath the frame of the BellaBambi®, pressure on the tissue is generated. It supports purification and exchange of substances.

BellaBambi® multi is a professional system with intuititional handling for easy and individual fascial applications. The skin-friendly suction glasses of silicone transmit the exactly adjustable depression of up to -280 mbar on every desired body part. Due to the ergonomic shape they allow easy handling, lead to a gentle working posture and alleviates the everyday life for all who are working proffessional in beauty, wellness and sports.

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  • Ergonomic shape with non-slip surface
  • Odourless silicone
  • Biocompatible
  • Dermatologically harmless
  • Also suitable for allergy sufferers
  • 100 % made in Germany

The BellaBambi®’s are unbreakable and suitable for cleaning in the dishwasher.

Desomed® Rapid disinfectant is available for intermediate cleaning.

BellaBambi® by K-Active Original: diameter: 3,5 cm, height: 8 cm
BellaBambi® by K-Active Mini: diameter: 2 cm, height: 5 cm

BellaBambi by K-Active are perfect for your fascial therapy

Therapy options with BellaBambi Mini by K-Active

Back treatment with the vacuum cups from BellaBambi

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