TOGU® - Fascia fitness, balancing and much more



   TOGU® Jumper®

   - multifunctional training of muscle groups
   - improvement of the balance, coordination and sensomotor excercises



   TOGU® Balanza® Ballstep®

   - for more stability and dynamic
   - training and improvement of the perception and impulse processing



   TOGU® Actiball®

   - effective and acceptable self massage due to the nap surface
   - free adhesions and bracings
   - supports blood circulation



   TOGU® Actiroll® RUMBLE & WAVE

   - fascia roll for self massage and relaxation
   - the grade of hardness is adjustable stageless with the included hand pump



   TOGU® Actiroll® Set

   - Set icludes Actiroll® Wave M, Actiroll® Wave S and Actiball®


   TOGU® Bodybone

   - selective solve and mobilization of blockade and bracing on the whole
     spine area
   - special cap for trigger and acupunctur massage


   TOGU® Ballkissen

   - instable underlay for sitting, standing and lying back/fitness training
   - supports a healthy, strong back and a stabil point of balance


   TOGU® Brasil®

   - selective feedback of the movements due to the clever filling of air and weight
   - tightening of the skin and invigoration of the intrinsic muscles