K-Active Tape Sport

2.0" x 16.4'
Colors: Red, White
Packages: 1 box set, 6 box set

K-Active Tape Sport

With reduced elasticity!


With the K-Active Tape Sport, Nitto Denko developed an outstanding effective tape which particularly 'informs' and supports the structures and fascia. Due to the reduced elasticity of the cotton fabric and the proven strong adhesive the K-Active Tape Sport is suitable particularly for reinforced loads in sports and for other dynamic activities.


More sensory information
The modified tape characteristics support the stability as well as coordination in a sensory way and can be used during sport prophylaxis.



  • reinforced mechanical support for the body structures and functions
  • suitable for 'more mechanical' special techniques
  • efficient for short-term applications
  • prophylaxis in sport and dynamic activities