2.0" x 16.4'
Colors: Rosé
Packages: 1 box set, 6 box set

K-Active Tape Gentle

The first tape for sensitive skin with STRATAGEL® adhesive technology


New: also sensitive patients can be taped now
More and more people suffer from sensitive skin. But also in certain situations, like after surgery, lymphostasis (for example after cancer diseases) and chronic wounds etc. our protective cover needs a very gentle treatment.

For this reason, the company Nitto Denko has developed a new adhesive generation. It enables even more gentle treatment of children, older people, diabetes, cancer and lymph patients and chronic wounds.

The hypoallergenic, skin-friendly tape conveys a very light wearing comfort and thus a sensitive sensory input.



"After an osteopathic treatment
my patients love to have a
smooth sensory input
to their skin.
With the K-Active Tape Gentle,
I can have my hands 24/7 on
the patient."

Dr. Ulrike Aussem
Med. doctor and osteopath

Gentle - even at removal of the tape
This is made possible by the completely new STRATAGEL® adhesive technology, which dissolves in itself and thus reduces skin irritation to a minimum.

The dermatologically skin-friendly quality of the K-Active Tape Gentle has been confirmed in numerous tests.



The innovative therapeutic solution for sensitive skin!

  • hypoallergenic
  • excellent skin compatibility
  • irritation-free removal of the tape
  • highly versatile
  • latex-free



    Particularly suitable for

    • every sensitive skin
    • skin-friendly use, especially for children, older people, after surgery, for lymph, cancer and diabetes patients and for chronic wounds.